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educational programs at Wingate Avenue

Wingate Avenue offers a comprehensive and emergent educational program for children aged 6 weeks and above, and two Funded Kinder Programs that are aimed at preparing children for school. Children who do not nominate our Kinder programs to receive funding are still able to attend Wingate for education and care throughout their Kinder ages, subject to availability.

All educational programs run from the Centre's opening to close and are created and embedded by the Lead Educators, Kinder Teachers and Educational Leader. The programs are led by the children's interests and are play-based, modelled closely on the Reggio Emilia school of thought, and informed by the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework.


For more information about our 'Pedagogy' and how we embed our curriculum, click here.

early years education

Our education and care programs are created around the developmental needs, interests and experience of each child.

As the centre is open from 7am to 6pm throughout the year, children get to know their educators and form an attachment to familiar people, spaces, sounds and smells, as well as developing long-term friendships with other children over the course of their enrolment. We prioritise children's safety and security, so permanent educators are allocated to each room for the year in order to support the children.

Wingate Avenue utilises an emergent program where educators create plans and documentation from observing the children's interactions and interests, the families input, and information from the community in order to effectively set goals and develop skills. Educators create six-monthly assessments of learning that are culminations of the goals set for children throughout the year and offer one on one interviews with families in order to discuss their child's development. 


Wingate Avenue has  two Funded Kindergarten Programs, a 3-year old Kinder and a 4-year-old Kinder, both run by Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teachers. Our Kindergartens aim to support children's transition and readiness for primary school by developing their social and emotional wellbeing skills. Although all developmental domains are implemented and supported in the curriculum, our philosophy is that children who are emotionally ready for school have more success at developing other areas they may require support with, such as pencil holding, mat skills, etc.

Wingate Kindergarten has access to specific School Readiness Funding that is allocated by the State Government to support our 4-year-old Kindergarten Program, which is planned each year by the Kinder team.  The SRF focuses on mental wellness, inclusion and language in order to offer extra support to children who are starting school. 

If you are interested in the Kinder Program offered by Wingate Avenue and wish to hear more, feel free to call the Centre and speak to our Educational Leader or one of our friendly team, and you are welcome to read our information leaflet as well.

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