Enrolling your child at Wingate Avenue Children's Cooperative


Our service has a responsibility to ensure families are welcomed and supported during enrolment and orientation leading to ongoing respectful relationships with families.


Our service will ensure:

Management supports parents, staff and children during the enrolment and orientation process by demonstrating the value of collaboration and mutual respect.


Staff develops respectful relationships with families and ensures that enrolment and orientation is smooth and lines of communication open.


All dealings with personal information are respectful and confidential as necessary. Parents contribute to the respectful relationships by keeping staff informed of children’s needs.



Daily Fee: $110.00

Weekly Fee: $535

Orientation and Settling In Responsibilities


There is an effective orientation and enrolment process where respectful relationships with families are developed and maintained.

Management ensure all documentation regarding required care, personal details, access and CCB financial matters are collected, maintained and filed.


  • Provide families with NCAC Preparing for Child Care Fact Sheet.

  • Staff Allocate a team member responsible for core contact, relationship building and personalized focus on child and family.

  • Ensure information regarding children’s strengths, needs, routines and interests is shared.

  • Maintain ongoing familiarization of children’s needs, routines and comforts.

  • Combine parental preferences to routines – e.g. pacifier at rest time -with service best practice.

  • Daily communication with families, including communication book that records daily experiences of child.

  • Participate in and/or contribute to parent/staff meeting, including proposed timeline for transition between rooms.

  • Communicate with parents by telephone within first 3 hours of first full day at service.

  • Notify parents if a child is unsettled after 30 minutes to discuss possible strategies and actions.

  • Develop a transition plan in consultation with parents as and when needed for unsettled children.

  • Parents Where possible commit to a transition period prior to full day care at the service.

  • Take note of staff schedule to prepare child for settling in each morning.

  • Spend time engaged in a familiar experience with your child before leaving.

  • Maintain ongoing communication with service staff regarding routines, comforts and individual needs for your child.

  • Say goodbye to your child before leaving.

  • Meet with staff/management as and when needed to clarify or communicate changes regarding routines or personal details.



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