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nutrition, dietary requirements and our menu

Wingate Avenue Children’s Co-operative understands the importance of a nutritionally balanced menu and the impact this has on children’s early development, growth and contentment.

Our seasonal 4-week rotating menu is carefully planned by our centre chef to meet the nutritional requirements for children as young as 4 months of age and is prepared on-site daily using fresh and nutritious ingredients. Our chef has experience in catering towards food allergies and intolerances along with cultural requirements. Our weekly menus are displayed in the foyer for families to view and the service offers a range of foods and meals throughout the day, with children having access to fresh fruit if hungry outside of mealtimes.

Mealtimes are seen as a time to come together and provide important opportunities for learning and connection. We offer a progressive meal rhythm that allows children to come to the table when ready to eat, which encourages children to develop trust in their own bodily autonomy.

Mealtimes provide children opportunities to practice self-help skills as they are encouraged to serve themselves and decide what they would like to eat.

At Wingate Avenue Children’s Co-Operative, all meat served is halal certified.

We are a nut-free, egg-free and pork-free service and we ask that no outside food is brought on-site to support children with allergies.

Please view a sample menu below.

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