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Wingate Avenue Children’s Co-Operative is governed by a committed group of parents, better known as our ‘Committee of Management' (COM) who work collaboratively with our centre director, Gina Wilson, to make business decisions about the centre and guide the overall vision for the development of the centre.


The COM is responsible for setting the strategic plan for the Centre, while the Centre Director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Centre. This includes employment and mentoring of highly qualified educators, implementation of the educational curriculum and development of Centre policies and procedures.

When families enrol at Wingate Avenue, they sign up as a ‘member’ of the Centre and have voting rights when assisting with appointing the Committee of Management. Our Committee of Management is made up of 5 members, including the three integral roles – Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, which are elected at the Annual General Meeting.​ Becoming involved with Management can be a very rewarding job, not only do you get to network with other parents; you get to have your say in how Wingate's future is shaped.

Smaller ‘working groups’ are also great ways for families to get involved in the Centre operations. These currently include:

  • Grant working group – preparing and supporting the current building works throughout the centre and assisting with applications for future grants for the service.

  • Financial Sub-committee: supporting the Treasurer in their role to ensure the service is operating safely within its projected budget.

  • Fundraising Committee


Current Committee Of Management

Chairperson: Carly Underwood 

Secretary: Larelle Bradley 

Treasurer: Patrick Rossiter


General Members: Fiona Perry, Christina Cox, Fiona Blee, Libby Crow, Marta Kuzior

Centre Management Structure
  1. Committee of Management

  2. Coordinator/ Director

  3. Admin and Educational Leader

  4. Room Leaders

  5. Centre Teams


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