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centre costs and CCs

Fees at the Centre are set by the Committee of Management and are subject to change, depending on the budget, with a month's notice. Our aim is to keep fees to a minimum while maintaining a high-quality service, which means that we aim to only increase fees once per year, with any exceptions communicated to families as soon as possible.

No fees are charged for the closure period over Christmas/New Year (usually two weeks). Full fees are payable at all other times, including absence for sickness, public holidays or any other reason.

Your ongoing fee will be calculated according to your days of enrolment plus any casual bookings you may access. Casual bookings are charged at the same price as your daily fee. Any out-of-pocket expenses will vary depending on families' access to Childcare subsidies, including Additional Childcare Subsidy.

As the Centre is open 11 hours a day, families' CCS hours are based on that number, not the number of hours your child actually attends per day. For more information about ACCS and who is eligible, click here.

Current fees:

Daily Fee: $132

Weekly Fee: $625

During the orientation process, your first 1-hour orientation is not charged, but any half-day orientations are charged at 1/2 the daily fee.

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