About Us

Our commitment at Wingate Avenue Children’s Co-operative is to provide the best possible early education and learning environment for every child in our care. As partners in your child’s learning and growing our collaborative relationships with families ensure that together, we can achieve the best quality outcomes for your child.


Wingate Ave Children’s Co-operative understands that children learn from birth and that all learning and development at each stage of life forms the foundation for the next. With this knowledge our qualified staff and early childhood assistants, deliver a child-centered educational program designed to meet the unique needs of every child from 5 weeks to school age.


Along with the benefits of a personalized approach, our staff creates a dynamic and engaging environment that optimizes learning throughout the day.


Wingate Ave Children’s Co-operative operates 50 weeks of the year and provides quality Long Day Care for children aged 5 weeks* to school age.


Our funded Kindergarten Program caters for children aged over 4 and operates between

8.30am – 4.30pm  Monday – Friday during school terms. This forms part of our School Readiness Program.


* All children must have commenced their immunization process prior to enrolment


Our Philosophy

At Wingate Avenue Children’s Cooperative we believe all children have the right to be safe, happy and healthy. We aim to provide a positive and nurturing environment where children are free to explore, experiment, make choices and take appropriate risks through play.


Our philosophy is built on developing the whole child and nurturing their strong sense of identity. Our dedicated and passionate staff supports each child’s development by providing a curriculum that caters to all children’s interests.


Staff are determined to enhance each child’s learning abilities. 


We are committed to working with our local community to further build our knowledge, practices and skills. 

Our Values and Actions


Partnerships with Families

We believe by working together, families and educators can enhance a child’s learning and wellbeing.


When respectful and caring relationships between staff, children and families are created, relevant and unique curriculum and experiences can be implemented.

We believe a strong, open and honest relationship between our service and our families provides the optimum environment for belonging, being and becoming.


Families shape children’s lives through the events and experiences they share. Our service guides children to explore and better understand these experiences when they are shared with us.


Cultural and social diversity is celebrated and embedded into our broad and child centered curriculum every day.

Music, foods, resources and special events are some of the ways we celebrate and embrace cultural diversity.


Visual portfolios developed across the course of the year are a springboard to ongoing interaction, contribution and communication with our families. Children have a unique portfolio that celebrates their achievements and milestones.


Each child is unique


Learning and Teaching

We believe in a holistic approach to learning where every child’s physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic aspects are interrelated.


Children are active learners. With the guidance of our Early Childhood Educators they explore, at their own pace, new ideas and concepts.

Children learn from each other, caregivers, resources and the environment.

Children see things in different ways and are challenged most when they engaged in open ended learning experiences.

Children learn through play. Our environment is full of rich and diverse materials to stimulate and challenge.


We believe that transitions from one environment to another, while challenging, provide invaluable learning and teaching opportunities.

Different places and spaces have their own purposes, expectations and ways of doing things.


Children feel secure, confident and connected when families and our service work together to build on children’s prior knowledge for a successful transition.


Our Early Childhood Educators support families and children with transitions from the babies’ room through to the commencement of Primary School. Our personalised transition that includes the transfer of knowledge means a smoother transition for each child.

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