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our philosophy

In relation to Children, we believe:

  • That Children are seen as unique individuals who are rich in knowledge, competent and confident in their learning, global citizens, and creators of culture.

  • That each Child's needs, experiences, abilities, and interests are uniquely theirs, requiring respect and inclusion.

  • That Children are active participants in creating their own learning and environments and are co-constructors alongside their educators.

  • That Children's inherent connection to the natural world shall be encouraged and celebrated so that they have the opportunity to explore all natural elements without restriction.

  • That the learning we offer is Child-directed, interest-based and freely chosen. Appropriate risk-taking is encouraged and celebrated.

  • That offering Children an emergent Curriculum stimulates their love of learning, exploration, investigation and embeds social concepts.

  • That when Children are encouraged to make choices about their day and are included in regular discussions about their environment and setting up learning environments, they become confident in their own abilities and develop a strong sense of self.

  • That Children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates, so recognising all areas of learning and development is equally important and inter-connected, is how we embed equitable practices within the Centre.

  • That Children should not be discriminated against as outlined by the UN convention on the Rights of the Child.

In relation to Educators, we believe:

  • That Educators incorporate diverse pedagogical practices, reflecting varied perspectives, all of which contribute to each Child’s wellbeing and successful learning.

  • That a positive team approach is fostered when all team members are provided with encouragement, support & respect as individuals as well as valuable members of the Centre.

  • That Educators are deserving of opportunities to grow and develop their practice and skills in the same way that Children are, and that professional development opportunities are how Educators can be supported to be continuous learners and critically reflect.

  • That deep critical discussions and collaboration between Educators allow for individual growth and professional enquiry.

  • That Educators are advocates for themselves, Children and Families, who are courageous in their practices around equity, education, inclusion, and respect.

  • That Educators promote a safe and confidential environment for all Families to discuss the development and wellbeing of their Children.

  • That all employees should have a strong understanding of and act in accordance with the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics and UN convention on the Rights of the Child.

In relation to families, we believe:

  • That Families are seen as a Child's first teachers and the most important influence in their learning and development.

  • That ensuring all Families are supported to have access, input and inclusion in the program is a vital element of our practice.

  • That ensuring a supportive orientation process for Families lays the foundation for engaged and responsive relationships between Families and Educators.

  • That fostering a mutually respectful partnership with all Families is key to ensuring Children have the best possible outcomes in their learning.

  • That honest, open, and respectful communication with Families is a key element of our practice.

  • That collaboration with Families, acknowledging diversity, religious beliefs and cultural identities are all integral in building a sense of security and belonging for all.

  • That Families have the right to be consulted and encouraged to review Centre policies, practices, and philosophy in ways that are accessible to them and cater to their needs.

  • That Children should have the opportunities to develop partnerships across ages and spend time with their siblings.

  • That a safe and confidential environment should be accessible for all Families to discuss the development and wellbeing of their Children.

In relation to our Community and Environment, we believe:

  • That it is the Centre's duty to not only acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung as the Indigenous Caretakers of the Land upon which it resides but to also embed a culture of respect and understanding within the Centre for Indigenous perspectives and experiences.

  • That the Community of the Centre is especially unique and is celebrated for that diversity through incorporation in both our Curriculum and Environment.

  • That the Centre fosters reciprocal partnerships with local Community services, organisations and networks in order to provide ongoing and authentic support for all people engaged with the Centre.

  • That the Community is to be treated with dignity and respect by the team and encouraged to engage with Wingate in a variety of ways.

  • That Children benefit from the opportunity to explore their local Community from a young age, a practice that is celebrated through regular excursions and connections within our neighbourhood.

  • That it is the Centre's duty to continuously improve practices and procedures that embed sustainable and eco-friendly values in all aspects of the Centre's management.

  • That Children have the right to opportunities to explore dirt, sand, water, grass, and all-natural elements without restriction.

  • The Child’s choice of indoor and/or outdoor play is highly valued and promoted by all Educators, and an Indoor/Outdoor program is provided year-round regardless of the weather.

  • That a safe environment will be prioritised over any element of the philosophy, program, or policy.

  • That the use of recycled and repurposed materials and resources should be provided and promoted throughout the service wherever possible.

  • That we should all play a strong part in minimising our environmental footprint and encouraging positive attitudes toward sustainability

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