What is Kindergarten?


In Victoria it is the year of early education before formal School begins (child needs to turn 4 years by April 30th of that year). At Wingate Avenue Children’s Cooperative, it is offered as an integrated program designed and facilitated by a qualified teacher within our Long day Care facility of 4-5 year old children. This allows parents and guardians who are working the reassurance of a high quality educational program with flexible and extended hours.

School readiness

Social skills

A child needs to be able to engage with other children, cooperate during play, taking turns in games and sharing toys. It’s important for them to be able to able express their emotions and deal with conflict appropriately, to be able to positively approach other children and make friends.

Children need to be able to separate from parents or primary carers on drop offs.


Language skills

Communication is used to engage with and teach your child. A child needs to be able to follow instructions and understand what teachers are saying, as well as being able to communicate well with teachers and the other students.


Motor co-ordination and skills

A child needs co-ordination skills to allow them to dress and undress, unwrap lunch, use a pencil and scissors, and participate in other activities that require eye hand and motor co-ordination.


Concentration and emotional adjustment

A child needs to be able to socialise and play with their classmates. They also need to be able to deal with the structured nature of a more formal learning environment, such as being able to focus on tasks, follow directions and instructions from teachers, cope with transitions, and understand the rules.



A child needs a range of skills so that they can cope with minimum adult supervision. This includes going to the toilet by themselves, dressing, and being able to follow a structured classroom routine.

We also offer a Literacy Learning program which every child enrolled in the kindergarten program will receive. This includes assess to the ABC Reading Eggs Program accessible from Kindergarten and home.

As with all early childhood centres across Australia we adhere to the Australian Learning and Development Framework.

Belonging, Being and Becoming - The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia - Information for Families

Linked to this is also the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework – Information for Families


To discuss enrolment for your child, please contact the centre on (03) 9376 8777


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